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Barrier Free Plus Inc. specializes in commercial and residential accessible lifestyle solutions through barrier-free design and renovations. Our mission is to make your home living more accessible so that you can live safely, and independently to improve your “quality of life” in spite of mobility challenges.

Chair Lift for Elderly In Sterling Heights MI

Chair Lift for Elderly Near Sterling Heights, MI

Whether you or a loved one are aging in place in a home, you want to make sure everything is as safe as can be. One important way to reduce the risk of a fall is to have a chair lift for elderly near Sterling Heights, Michigan installed in the home. Instead of a dangerous climb or descent on the stairway, a chair lift allows someone to sit down and be carried safely up or down the stairs. No more need to have someone help you up the stairs, or to worry when you’re on the stairs when at home alone. A chair lift makes your home safer.

Residential Chair Lift for Elderly Near Sterling Heights, Michigan

Don’t let stairways present a danger in your home any longer. Eliminate the possibility of a fall on the stairs by having chair lift for the elderly near Sterling Heights, MI installed in your home. It may be difficult to know which chair lift would be best for your needs and home, but don’t worry because our experts can help. We’ll explain the benefits of different models of chair lift so that you can confidently choose the best chair lift to keep you safe and independent in your home.

Different Kinds of Chair Lift for Elderly Near Sterling Heights, MI

Technology in the chair lift for elderly near Sterling Heights, Michigan has come a long way since its invention. There are now a variety of models and types that you can choose from. Whether you have a straight stairway or a curved stairway, we can install a chair lift that will safely take you up and down either kind. Our experts will make sure the chair lift and track are securely mounted on the wall to ensure that you can rely on the lift to take you where you need to go.

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