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Sophisticated and User-Friendly

Environmental Control Units

Environmental Control Units are sophisticated and user-friendly electronic devices that allow voice, remote control, and switch-activated controls for the disabled. Environmental control units allow people with mobility issues and impairments to operate electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, lights, appliances, electric beds, IBM compatible personal computers, home entertainment systems, and thermostats.

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Accessible Environmental Control Units

Typically, the user of an ECU controls their system using a mobile device or switch, all matched to their physical ability. If a person is not able to physically use a device, speech recognition (think Alexa) and other input methods are also available. These devices are also quite helpful to caregivers, as temperature, lighting, and other aspects of living can all be controlled by the patient or individual. This allows life to continue even if no help is available.

Advantages of Environmental Control Units

ECU’s have numerous advantages, including:

  • Freedom to control surroundings
  • Control of electronics (TVs, radios, etc.)
  • Control of thermostats for heating and cooling
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Bed Control
  • Phone Usage
  • Ability to play games
  • Ability to access the Internet

ECUs for Disability Access

We can install professional-grade door openers for disabled access. These openers can open, pause, or close doors automatically. They can be remote-controlled, mounted to a wheelchair, set up a wall push pad, or have them operated by an app on a mobile device.

We also install devices that allow for control and communication with thermostats, lighting, and virtually all electronic devices. With so many available options and input methods, we can accommodate the needs of a wide range of individuals.

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we understand how important it is for handicapped persons to be able to get around and perform everyday functions in a safe and comfortable manner. We specialize in the installation of barrier-free structures as well as devices designed to make your life easier. From ramps, environmental control systems, and automated doors, to cabinets, rails, and bathroom fixtures, we are experienced at providing what it takes to create the quality of life that many take for granted. Check out our other services offered.

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