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Wooden and Metal

Handicap Ramps for Wheelchair Access

Barrier Free Plus, Inc. specializes in handicap ramps for residential and commercial customers in Southeast MI. We can design and build ramps to fit most any property making it safe and accessible

Our ramps come in various sizes and can be customized, allowing convenient access.

Aluminum Ramp

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Options For Handicap Ramps

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we understand how important it is for a disabled person to be able to get around and perform everyday functions in a safe and comfortable manner. We specialize in the installation of barrier-free structures as well as designs to make your life easier. From ramps, automated doors, to cabinets, rails, and bathroom fixtures, we are experienced at providing what it takes to create the quality of life that many take for granted.

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Our goal is to ensure greater mobility and independence for seniors or disabled. We make it easy to get in and out a home or commercial space and to enjoy improved mobility and enhanced safety with ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps from National Ramp.

Handicap Ramps Michigan

Wheelchair ramps are the leading way to gain access and freedom to your home. You or your loved ones will enjoy an increased quality of life with a handicap-accessible ramp expertly installed by Barrier Free Plus, Inc. ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps offer you and your loved ones the freedom of traveling inside, out of, or around the house with a wheelchair, scooter, power chair or walker.

We install handicap ramps made of wood or aluminum. Wood ramps are an affordable, all-natural ramp solution to enhance your home. Aluminum ramps, including our new aluminum mesh ramps, provide one of the safest ramp surfaces in the industry. These amazing ramps allow for water (including rain and snow) to pass through the ramp allowing safe usage no matter the weather.

Rust-Free Handicap Ramps

These incredible ramps won’t rust, they will maintain their visual appeal, are lightweight, and are easy to clean…all while offering superior safety.

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

The wooden handicap wheelchair ramps we install are highly affordable solutions that offer stability, safety, and durability. Our wooden accessibility ramps are made from strong, pressure-treated lumber that offers a natural look and is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The wood decking is spaced to allow for drainage as well as natural expansion and contraction related to heat and cold weather.


  • Custom leg design
  • Easy installation
  • Vertical pickets and steps can be added
  • ADA-compliant 48″ width
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Composite material available
Aluminum Ramp

Steel Wheelchair Ramps

Looking for an accessibility handicap ramp that reliably portrays the stability, safety, and durability they offer? Look no further than the steel wheelchair ramps that we offer. These grounded and stable ramps allow mobility devices of all sizes and weights to easily enter and exit houses. These types of ramps are durable and serve their users for decades. All components are coated with a durable powder coated finish – far more durable than painted steel ramps. Steel ramps are also the safest during fires, as they will not burn or melt.


  • ADA-compliant 36″ width
  • Unique welded cone-mounted handrail design
  • 3-year warranty
  • Textured finish for slip resistance
  • Easy installation in hours

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Our premium wheelchair ramps  are our aluminum mesh accessibility ramps. The open-mesh modular aluminum ramps are 100% maintenance free and are backed with a LIFETIME warranty! Its unique welded cone-mounted hand rail design is more rigid than standard side-bolted. These ramps combine strength, stability, safety, and durability with sleek and modern design combined with lightweight yet durable construction. These beautiful mesh ramps allow water and other liquids to pass right through, including snow and rain, preventing puddles from forming on them.


  • Powder coated color options
  • Multi-weld fabrication process
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Code compliant mesh design
Aluminum Ramp Barrier Free Plus Inc Residential Home

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