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Barrier-Free and ADA Accessible

Barrier Free Kitchens

Why let your kitchen be a barrier to your life? Let us make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. Barrier Free Plus, Inc. can create a custom designed barrier-free kitchen that is accessible and safe. We can make minor modifications or do a complete re-designed kitchen renovation. These accessible kitchen modifications will help those that are aging in place and/or independently living.

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Handicap Accessible Kitchens

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we understand how important it is for people to be able to get around and perform everyday functions in a safe and comfortable manner. We specialize in custom / one of a kind barrier free modifications. From ADA Compliant custom cabinetry, with pullouts, appliances and kitchen fixtures. We are experienced at providing what it takes to create the quality of life that many take for granted. Check out our other services offered.

Barrier-Free Kitchen Options

ADA kitchens require certified expert design and careful engineering to ensure that we address your everyday challenges.  Call us today and allow us to evaluate your kitchen for accessibility suggestions and proposals free of charge.

Our Home Modification Experts can perform a variety of custom modifications to make barrier-free kitchens accessible for cooking, dishwashing, eating, and entertaining. Some aspects of modification include:


  • Accessible sinks (correct heights, barrier-free)
  • Accessible cabinets (rollout and drop-down)
  • Motorized cabinets that can be raised or lowered
  • Accessible countertops (correct heights, barrier-free)
  • Touch or single-lever faucets
  • Easy-to-use cabinet handles and door pulls
  • Accessible appliances
  • Large space for turning room and transitions
  • Accessible cooktops, workstations, and kitchen islands

We Understand Kitchen Mobiity Needs

Designing an ADA-compliant kitchen requires the understanding of appropriate guidelines, and the needs of each individual client. The kitchen is a room with a lot of activity.  The success of creating an ADA-compliant kitchen begins with the kitchen design that’s ergonomic for everyone in the house regardless of being disabled or not.

ADA Accessible Kitchens

ADA-Compliant Kitchens

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we are experts in designing ADA-accessible kitchens. Our goal is to help our clients improve their kitchens to better accommodate their needs. We have designed and built kitchens for clients of all ages and abilities. Using ADA compliance guidelines, we have created kitchens that are fully usable by our seniors aging in place and those with other disabilities. 

Our mission is for our clients to enjoy and utilize their kitchen with as much independence as possible. 

Start Living Barrier Free!

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