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Handicap Accessibility Services

At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., we provide handicap accessibility services to those in need. We understand how important it is for handicapped persons to be able to get around and perform everyday functions in a safe and comfortable manner.

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Handicap Services Michigan

We specialize in the installation of ADA-Compliant structures as well as devices designed to make your life easier. From ramps, environmental control systems, and automated doors, to cabinets, rails, and bathroom fixtures, we are experienced at providing what it takes to create the quality of life that many take for granted.

Our experienced & dedicated team of professionals have been serving our friends in Southeastern Michigan for over 15 years.

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Handicap Bathroom Products

Barrier Free Plus offers a variety of handicap bathroom products. Using the toilet, showering, bathing, washing your hands, or brushing your teeth should not be a challenge. Your bathroom should be designed and set up for ease of use and maximum accessibility.
Aluminum Ramp Wheelchair Ramp

Handicap Access Ramps

To assist in mobility and accessibility, Barrier Free Plus, Inc. offers custom design and construction of indoor and outdoor handicap accessible ramps for the disabled. Our wheelchair ramps are designed and built to standards that are set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens

We offer the installation of a wide range of products for wheelchair-accessible kitchens. Form accessible cabinets, accessible shelving, appliance lifts, worktop lifts and accessible kitchen sinks and faucets, Barrier Free Plus, Inc. can make life easier in the kitchen for those who use a wheelchair to get around the home. Look at the other services offered by Barrier-Free Plus
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Barrier Free Stairlifts

Stairlifts offer accessibility to multiple levels of your home while ensuring your safety as well as convenience. If you have difficulty using stairs or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then a residential lift may be the solution. Stairlifts can be adapted to fit straight and curved staircases. View the other services offered by Barrier-Free Plus.
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Vertical Lifts

Residential vertical lifts offer a safe and convenient way to enter and exit your home. These lifts can be a great alternative to ramps when space is limited. Barrier-Free Plus also offers ceiling-mounted or free-standing lifts that can help your loved one have a safe transfer. Finally, whether you are building a new home or trying to stay in your multi-level home a residential elevator may be the answer. Residential vertical platform lifts offer a safe and convenient way to enter and exit your home.

Overhead Lifts

Overhead ceiling lifts help with individual and patient transfers between beds, chairs, bathrooms, and help prevent injuries to all involved. These lifts can protect the safety, comfort, and dignity of patients and caregivers. We offer fixed ceiling lifts, freestanding and portable ceiling lifts as well.

Home Elevators

Residential or home elevators offer a safe and convenient way to travel between the floors of your home. These can be a great alternative to ramps or stairlifts when space is limited. Barrier-Free Plus provides residential elevators that are not only affordable but are also tailored and customized to fit your specific needs.

Barrier Free Door Openers

Barrier Free Plus, Inc. installs automatic door openers also known as wide doorways with automated units that open a door when activated. These low-energy devices can be activated in a variety of ways including handheld, post-mounted, and wall-mounted. They can also be remote-controlled, mounted to a wheelchair, set up a wall push pad, or have them operated by an app on a mobile device.


Environmental Control Units aka ECU’s are sophisticated and user-friendly electronic devices that allow voice, remote control, and switch activated controls for the disabled. Environmental control units allow people with mobility issues and impairments to operate electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, lights, appliances, electric beds, IBM compatible personal computers, home entertainment systems, and thermostats.

Barrier Free Solutions For Handicap Accessibility

From start to finish attention to detail is the key to success and the only way to insure the success of the design and the modification.

Many people will experience a temporary disability.  Accidents happen and you could find yourself using a wheelchair or walker. As we age, getting around our home becomes more difficult. For people whom age in place or need a wheelchair / handicap use of their home, we have expertise, knowledge and experience, in this specialized area of remodeling.

We offer handicap-accessible remodeling and custom aging in place modification solutions for your homes accessibility needs.

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