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Stair Lifts

Residential stair lifts may be a solution for those having difficulty using stairs or using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Stairlifts offer accessibility to multiple levels of your home while ensuring your safety as well as convenience. Regardless of physical abilities or age, stair lifts are a perfect as for both seniors and handicap individuals. Our premium quality stair lifts offer solutions for those with limited mobility to easily navigate the stairs. We offer full customization of all stair lifts that we install. We can adapt to fit straight, helix, and curved staircases.

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Residential Stair Lifts

It doesn’t matter if you have a straight staircase or a curvy winding one, we can install a stairlift that will give you the freedom to access all levels of your home. Our range of models offers access to all the levels of your home with ease, safety, and comfort. We offer indoor and outdoor stairlifts that are the perfect solutions for accessing previously out-of-reach locations.

We offer a variety of styles and models for straight stair lifts that offer safe, comfortable, and easy-to-use options for multi-floor homes. We can custom-fit them to your staircase and home. Our lifts have a friction drive system, retractable seat belts, offer remote controls for independent use, soft start and stop for smooth transitions, powered swivel chairs and powered footrest options are available.

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Straight Stair Lifts

We offer lifts that are of high-quality and dependability for straight stairways. Our straight lifts provide economical solutions that are designed to last. These lifts address the basic mobility needs of most people requiring assistance in their homes. Barrier Free Plus, Inc. installs stair lifts with smooth and quiet rides.

Stairlifts allow you to go up and down your stairs effortlessly, safely, and independently. We can install a stair lift to just about any staircase on either side of the stairs, whichever fits best. No matter the length or height of your staircase, we can install a stairlift for you. Let us modify your home giving you and your loved ones the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and accessible. 

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Curved Stair Lifts

Many times, your stairs aren’t straight up and down, or there is a landing halfway where you change directions. No need to worry, we have stairlifts for that too! At Barrier Free Plus, Inc., no matter the configuration of your staircase, we have a solution to make them accessible for you. From winding staircases to those with a simple curve, we’ve seen it all and we have the right one for you!

We custom design and install stairlifts to fit the shape of your individual stairs. Let us help you get your freedom of movement back. Curved stairlifts are a safe solution to accessing any level in your home. We will measure the area the lift will operate in to custom fit the stairlift that will work best for you. Our goal is to allow you to get up and down your stairs, comfortably and safely.

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