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Barrier Free Plus Inc. specializes in commercial and residential accessible lifestyle solutions through barrier-free design and renovations. Our mission is to make your home living more accessible so that you can live safely, and independently to improve your “quality of life” in spite of mobility challenges.

Aluminum Handicap Ramp In Rochester Hills MI

Aluminum Ramps Near Rochester Hills, MI

If you’re looking for the best wheelchair ramp you can get for your home or business, then come to Barrier Free Plus for an aluminum handicap ramp near Rochester Hills, Michigan. There is no safer, stronger, or more durable option for a ramp than our aluminum ramps. We make our aluminum ramps with two specific features that work together to create the highest level of durability, safety, stability, and strength. These features are the welded cone-mounted handrail design, and the open-mesh modular aluminum. The handrail design is more rigid than the standard side-bolted design, which makes for a stronger and more stable ramp. The open-mesh modular aluminum also adds to the strength and stability.

Features Of Our Aluminum Handicap Ramp Near Rochester Hills, Michigan

We carefully chose these features to ensure we have the highest quality aluminum ramps near Rochester Hills, MI. Our aluminum ramps can hold up to 800 pounds, and they are easy to install so they can be ready for use in no time. The open-mesh modular aluminum isn’t just strong, it also works against puddling and ice. Rain flows right through the ramp instead of collecting into a puddle due to this feature. The sleek design of the ramp allows it to look nice in front of any home or business, and we offer a range of powder-coats to suit your personal style.

Aluminum Ramps Near Rochester Hills, MI That Won’t Rust

Although we offer a lifetime warranty on our aluminum handicap ramps near Rochester Hills, Michigan, they’re also maintenance free. This is because our aluminum ramps do not rust. You can be confident that they won’t break down no matter how often they are rained on. You should be able to trust your ramp no matter what, and with an aluminum ramp from Barrier Free Plus, you can. Even in the event of a fire, our ramps hold strong to help everyone inside out of the building since they resist fire and melting.

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