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Barrier Free Plus Inc. specializes in commercial and residential accessible lifestyle solutions through barrier-free design and renovations. Our mission is to make your home living more accessible so that you can live safely, and independently to improve your “quality of life” in spite of mobility challenges.

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Vertical Wheelchair Lift Service – Macomb County, MI

vertical-wheelchair-liftBarrier Free Plus specializes in vertical wheelchair lifts in Macomb County, MI. Call our expert Macomb County vertical wheelchair team at (586) 598-2600 for a free consultation.

Those with a physical disability, as well as aged individuals, who spend most of their time in their wheelchairs, or have limited mobility. Consequently, their independence are also lesser than what they had when they were not yet in their wheelchairs. These people can greatly benefit from special transportation equipment, such as elevators, ramps, and vertical wheelchair lifts.

A vertical wheelchair lift, or platform lift, is powered by either hydraulics or electrical energy. This device allows an individual in a wheelchair to be elevated or lowered among floor levels without having to leave his/her wheelchair.The vertical wheelchair lifts come in many different models, some of which includes the following:
» Enclosed Model – In this vertical wheelchair lift, the wheelchair and its occupant can stay on top of a platform while enclosed with walls as the lift moves up/down. This type of lift is especially practical for outdoor uses where safety may be compromised because of altering weather conditions.
» Shaftway Model – This kind of wheelchair lift can fit within existing walls, just like a typical elevator. It is very much useful in both residential houses and public establishments.
» Stage Model – This lift model features solely a platform. It is commonly used for shorter heights or elevations, such as on a stage or onto a vehicle.
» Opal Model – This vertical wheelchair lift is similar to the enclosed model that has a platform enclosed with walls. However, this lift model has an open ceiling.

Vertical wheelchair or platform lifts can be used in different locations, as shown in the following situations.
» Vertical platform lifts give wheelchair confined individuals a better way in to and out of their residential homes as such devices allows them to be raised from the ground up on their elevated (or with steps ) front porches.
» In schools and in other similar educational institutions, vertical wheelchair lifts are installed to give access to physically handicapped students, faculty and staff, and visitors to enter an auditorium stage or other elevated platforms.
» Some public buildings already have elevators installed, but such transportation system oftentimes could not carry a wheelchair. Hence, they still opt to install vertical wheelchair lifts for this special need. Also, many older buildings have cramped areas that do not have spaces to accommodate ramps. That is why they prefer to have vertical platform lifts installed rather than the space consuming ramps.

A vertical wheelchair lift is indeed of great significance to people with physical limitations. For them, having such device could mean a better life with more activities and greater independence. Whether installed in homes or in public structures, a vertical platform lift can make a significant change in the lives of these individuals.

Barrier Free Plus can provide you with a custom vertical wheelchair lift in Macomb County, Michigan. Our experienced team understands your unique needs. Call (586) 598-2600 for a free consultation.

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