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Barrier Free Plus Inc. specializes in commercial and residential accessible lifestyle solutions through barrier-free design and renovations. Our mission is to make your home living more accessible so that you can live safely, and independently to improve your “quality of life” in spite of mobility challenges.

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ADA Wheelchair Ramps Michigan

wcr-1Barrier Free Plus, Inc specializes in ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramps in Michigan. Let our experts design and install a professional Wheelchair Ramp in Michigan. Call (586) 598-2600 today!

ADA Building Codes for Wheelchair Ramps
The following will give you more information on the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) federal building codes for modular wheelchair ramps and the like. Your local building code may have its own variations so always check your local building codes as well before you plan to build a wheelchair ramp.

Before you plan to build a wheelchair ramp system it is a good idea to become familiar with the ADA codes. We have put together this information in an effort to help you in learn more about the ADA codes and how to comply with them. See our Knowlege Base for more helpful articles.

ADA Overview
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was set forth in 1990. The ADA recognizes and protects the civil rights of individuals with disabilities, enabling them to share in and contribute to the vitality of American life. The ADA means access to:

Public accommodations
Government services
Public transportation
ADA’s regulations are issued and enforced by both the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation. The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) of the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Compliance Board (ATBCB) require public facilities and grounds to comply with design, construction, and installation standards. Although not binding to personal residences, these standards should be taken into consideration when purchasing a modular ramp.

Where do modular ramps come in?
As it relates to ramps, the ADAAG specifies how steep a ramp (incline) must be, ramp width, handrail design, etc. The EZ-Access Modular Ramp System meets all ADAAG requirements. Although a ramp system installed at a private residence typically is not obligated to meet ADAAG requirements, by following these guidelines the end user is assured acceptable levels of convenience, comfort, and safety:

2010 ADA Standards will be mandatory March 15, 2012. (1991 ADA Standards are usable until then.)


Barrier Free Plus, Inc provides the design and installation of ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramps in Michigan. Our experienced team will provide you with the perfect Wheelchair Ramp in Michigan. Call (586) 598-2600 for more information.

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